homomorphism property

homomorphism property
свойство гомоморфизма

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  • Homomorphism — In abstract algebra, a homomorphism is a structure preserving map between two algebraic structures (such as groups, rings, or vector spaces). The word homomorphism comes from the Greek language: ὁμός (homos) meaning same and μορφή (morphe)… …   Wikipedia

  • homomorphism — homomorphous, adj. /hoh meuh mawr fiz euhm, hom euh /, n. 1. Biol. correspondence in form or external appearance but not in type of structure or origin. 2. Bot. possession of perfect flowers of only one kind. 3. Zool. resemblance between the… …   Universalium

  • Group homomorphism — In mathematics, given two groups ( G , *) and ( H , ·), a group homomorphism from ( G , *) to ( H , ·) is a function h : G → H such that for all u and v in G it holds that: h(u*v) = h(u) h(v) where the group operation on the left hand side of the …   Wikipedia

  • Distributive homomorphism — A congruence θ of a join semilattice S is monomial, if the θ equivalence class of any element of S has a largest element. We say that θ is distributive, if it is a join, in the congruence lattice Con S of S, of monomial join congruences of S. The …   Wikipedia

  • Universal property — In various branches of mathematics, certain constructions are frequently defined or characterised by an abstract property which requires the existence of a unique morphism under certain conditions. These properties are called universal properties …   Wikipedia

  • Residual property (mathematics) — In the mathematical field of group theory, a group is residually X (where X is some property of groups) if it can be recovered from groups with property X .Formally, a group G is residually X if for every non trivial element g there is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Holomorphic functional calculus — In mathematics, holomorphic functional calculus is functional calculus with holomorphic functions. That is to say, given a holomorphic function fnof; of a complex argument z and an operator T , the aim is to construct an operator:f(T),which in a… …   Wikipedia

  • Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics) — In quantum mechanics, the Hamiltonian H is the observable corresponding to the total energy of the system. As with all observables, the spectrum of the Hamiltonian is the set of possible outcomes when one measures the total energy of a system.… …   Wikipedia

  • Adjoint functors — Adjunction redirects here. For the construction in field theory, see Adjunction (field theory). For the construction in topology, see Adjunction space. In mathematics, adjoint functors are pairs of functors which stand in a particular… …   Wikipedia

  • Approximately finite dimensional C*-algebra — In C* algebras, an approximately finite dimensional, or AF, C* algebra is one that is the inductive limit of a sequence of finite dimensional C* algebras. Approximate finite dimensionality was first defined and described combinatorially by… …   Wikipedia

  • Clifford algebra — In mathematics, Clifford algebras are a type of associative algebra. They can be thought of as one of the possible generalizations of the complex numbers and quaternions.[1][2] The theory of Clifford algebras is intimately connected with the… …   Wikipedia

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